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Hire Annie!

Happiness is a Walk

We dogs and our cat friends have our own point of view and we want to encourage our beloved owners to hire Annie as their preferred dog walker and cat talker. She is licensed, insured and bonded with Pet Sitter's International, so you know she's serious about her business and will take good care of us! She just completed a course in Pet CPR and First Aid January 11th and is an active member of Puget Sound Pet Business Network.

Fit or Fat

We want to be fit and able to prance around like youngsters when we are senior citizens. As puppies, we want a work-out and we heard she will even track our walking progress and our dietary and nutritional needs. Some of the neighbors know we meow, howl and bark sometimes when you're away at work or where ever you go for so many hours. You're probably at the gym! That's ok with us, but we'd like some stimulation and fresh air during the day, just a half hour is perfect.

You've been talking so much about your own health and fitness that we're starting to think about our health too! Some of us have developed fat around our midsections and we know for a fact that we're at risk for all sorts of health problems. It's tough being a dog and our cat friends agree that food is so good, we eat every chance we get even if it’s junk food!
Finally, we heard that Annie has really healthy treats and kibble and other stuff because she’s so into dogs & cats.  Check out the 90day difference with pawTree if we don’t like it she guarantees your money back and she provides personalized attention to our diet and nutrition needs.

Fetch, Retrieve, I'll do anything for pawTree

Happiness is a Walk

Sometimes we just get bored. Like times when the garbage smells so good that even with the kitchen cupboard closed several of us have developed special techniques to get to it. Boy was that fun! Yeah, we got yelled at and we barfed up a few times, along with having the trots for a day or so. But we think it was worth it anyway. Mom, Dad, Kids please schedule us for a regular Walk & Talk with Annie. It will enrich our lives and we'll love you even more. Come on, at least once a week, geez it only amounts to the cost of about three decorator lattes at Starbucks.

Okay, listen up we're rallying for Annie's Walk & Talk! So mom, dad, kids are you listening to us? Please let us give this Walk & Talk thing a try. We will sleep so much better with regular exercise and we might even grow to love this Annie what's her name.




Annie's Calendar is Simple to Use, reserve a time for your dog or cat.

Do us a favor and check out Annie's calendar. My goodness, you can book us for a walk just like you reserve time at your fancy hair salon where you overspend to look beautiful. Ok dad, barbershops are cheap we know. Dog walking isn't "cheap" but affordable. Do you get it? Yes, we want to walk in the neighborhood and catch up on the news in the hood. A visit from Annie would be nice too! It's time for a snooze now. Go ahead and book it. Thanks, your loving neighborhood doggies & kitties.